Chocolate coffee mousse as a summer mood’s secret

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  • 19.09.2018

A delicate dessert based on coffee and chocolate recalls summer and creates a romantic mood whatever weather is. Porto Rosso Espresso coffee capsules will perfectly suit to prepare it. You have definitely appreciated its deep taste and bright aroma already.

To prepare six portions of chocolate coffee mousse, you will need 200 g of bitter chocolate, 2 egg yolks, 5 g of sugar, 125 g of light cream, 100 g of whipped cream, 50 ml of espresso, 10 ml of coffee liqueur and 5 g of gelatin.

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it on a water bath. Soak gelatin in cold water. Then rub the egg yolks with sugar and bring the liquid cream to a boil. Cool it slightly and add the beaten-up yolks. Without bringing it to a boil, cook it at a temperature of about 90°C until thick.

Pour the cream into the melted chocolate, without stopping to stir the mixture with a whisk. Squeeze gelatin and add it along with espresso and coffee liqueur. Stir the mixture well and cool a little. The mass should not get thicker, however. Add the whipped cream, stir it and leave it in the frige for 4-5 hours. Apportion the mousse in dessert bowls and pour with coffee cream. Now time has come to share the summer mood’s secret.