Coffee can become an expensive treat

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  • 18.10.2017

It’s hard to believe, but it is likely that in the near future not everyone can afford a cup of coffee. Experts declare that in the next 80 years, adverse climate change will negatively affect the harvest of coffee around the world.

More than a half of the land that is currently used for growing coffee will become unsuitable for this purpose. The reason is the change in precipitation distribution mode and temperature increase. A certain contribution will be made by pests and diseases of coffee trees, which, according to experts, majority of producers will not be able to cope with.

According to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, in the future only in Latin America it will be impossible to grow coffee on more than 90% of the land. And Ethiopia, the world’s sixth largest coffee producer, can possibly cut production by more than 60% by 2050.

Within several years, the price of the product can increase threefold. Already in 2018 the Russian coffee lovers will face a 20% price increase due to rising prices by foreign suppliers. In coffee shops the price increase will be less noticeable, about 10%, because there is already a large margin.