Porto Rosso in capsules

Highland plantations of Columbia, surrounded by the undisturbed jungles, sun of equatorial Africa, soft breeze of the Caribbean Sea, blowing over Dominican Arabica seedlings – we blended precious beans from the best coffee regions of the planet to make the ideal coffee Porto Rosso. However, even a perfectly roasted and milled beans may lose flavor in the open air in a few days. The oxidation process spoils the taste and aroma of the drink; moisture is also very disastrous for coffee.
Special safe material of a capsule and a hermetic package Special security capsule material and packaging without oxygen securely store coffee Porto Rosso, until you decide to enjoy a cup of excellent drink. That allows to preserve even the slightest tones of aroma and nuances of taste. Coffee making will take only several seconds – capsules Porto Rosso ideally fit Nespresso coffee machines.
Choose your taste of Porto Rosso: Classic Espresso, soft Americano or strong Ristretto.