Italian espresso will become an intangible UNESCO site

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  • 28.12.2019

The magnificent Italian espresso does not leave anyone indifferent. Such a drink undoubtedly needs special regard. In November 2020, it is even going to be included in the list of UNESCO’s intangible heritage sites.

Discussing this issue, representatives of the Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso enlisted the support of all political parties of the Apennine Peninsula. As part of the project to protect the tradition of making true Italian espresso, there are even special tours in some Italian cities such as Rome, Parma, Turin, Milan, Carrara, Alba, Bologna, and Fabriano.

Residents of Italy simply can’t imagine their life without coffee – 95% of them drink it daily, while 92% enjoy it at home, and 72% prefer going to bars. Last year, the annual per capita consumption of coffee in the country was about 6 kg, increased by 5.3% over the year.