Marocchino is a passion for chocolate and coffee

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  • 23.03.2017

In addition to bicerin famous all over the world, Northern Italy gave us another coffee-based exquisite drink. Marocchino was born in Turin at the beginning of the 20th century. In fact it is mini cappuccino with chocolate, but it gives you “maximum” pleasure.

It’s got its name because of its similarity in color with leather garters, which were in fashion in Italy in the 1930s. In Italian “marocchino” means “light brown”. But the senators opposed this name because they had found it interfering with the rights of local Moroccans. Thus “marocchino” was renamed “moretto”. However this name has not become naturalized and coffee has retained its original name.

To make marocchino, make espresso from Porto Rosso Espresso. Then put half a teaspoon of cocoa powder into a heated 80 ml glass, pour the coffee and stir them up.

Whip 15 ml of milk until stiff and gently put it on coffee and cocoa mixture, next spread 1.5 teaspoon of cocoa powder over the foam surface. Finally, wait until the drink stratifies into two parts – milk foam and coffee mixture. For decorating, take 10 ml of chocolate syrup or liquid chocolate. And if you want to make real Turinese marocchino, first put a piece of dark chocolate on the glass bottom.