Prepare Italian gelato at home

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  • 14.06.2019

If you are going to serve ice cream with Italian coffee, then it must be Italian ice-cream. This great dessert you can prepare at home and please your loved ones on a hot summer day.

Gelato differs from the usual ice cream with a more viscous, soft consistency. It’s all about special equipment, with which the dessert is being mixed during the freezing process. There was a time when gelato was being prepared by hand and the recipe was something like this.

350 ml of whole milk was being poured into a stewpot with a pinch of salt, 50 g of fine granulated sugar, and a bag (not more than 12 g) of vanilla sugar. It was being heated to dissolve the sugar while stirring. Then it was removed from the heat, and the yolk was being beaten up with 50 g of sugar until the mixture became white and airy. Constantly stirring, a little hot milk was being poured into it, and then it was being put back into the saucepan. Then it was being warmed up over low heat to the state of an emulsion, not allowing boiling.

The emulsion should not have thickened, but only became a little denser. In this case, it was being started to drain more slowly from the wooden blade. 150 ml of cold fat cream was added to the brewed yolk, and then it was mixed and cooled. The cold mixture was transferred to an ice cream container and put in the freezer. It was being mixed every half hour for three hours. The ice cream was left in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight. And then you could enjoy every spoon. Why wouldn’t you follow this example? Don’t forget about a cup of freshly brewed coffee Porto Rosso. Gelato will be much tastier with it.

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