The aroma of coffee improves analytical skills

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  • 06.08.2018

A cup of coffee will never be too much if hard mental work is waiting for you.  Specialists of Stevens Institute of Technology have proven that the aroma of coffee positively affects analytical abilities.

In the course of the study, about one hundred students passed a standardized test for enrollees of foreign business schools. The test included 10 algebra questions. The group of testees, who solved the tasks, inhaling the aroma of coffee, coped with the task better than anyone else.

Also, scientists asked 200 people how the aroma of coffee affected the body. According to respondents, the drink makes them more energetic, increases vigilance, and also increases the productivity of their work.

Experts suggest that the cause is the placebo effect. Because the source of the coffee flavor used for the experiment contained no caffeine. This, however, does absolutely not prevent from using the fragrance to improve labor productivity.