A tourist was outraged by too expensive coffee in Venice

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  • 13.09.2018

Going to Italy in the hope of enjoying the best coffee in your life, keep in mind that its price can surprise you unpleasantly, especially in tourist-crowded places.  For example, this is what happened to a traveler from Chile at St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

Juan Carlos Bustamente, 62, published an angry post on his Facebook page with a photograph of a cheque from a cafe. A pair of espresso cups and a pair of 0.25 ml bottles of mineral water costed the tourist 43 euros. A cup of coffee was priced as high as 10 euros.

“People get upset when they see the bill, although they do not even listen that the menu exhibits various prices. If you take a seat outdoors the price is even higher. Visitors just wave us off when we warn them,” – an employee of the cafe commented on the situation. He clarified that inside the establishment you can drink coffee for 1.25 euro, but if customers are sitting in the fresh air, enjoying the music of the orchestra and the view of the bell tower and St. Mark’s basilica, they “pay for a completely different experience.”