The best barista in Italy lives in Bologna

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  • 15.07.2019

19-year-old Stefano Cevenini from Bologna won the qualifying stage of the International Barista Championship, which is held annually by the Italian Espresso National Institute (INEI). He beat thirteen strong competitors from all over the country.

Cevenini has been making coffee professionally since the age of 15. He has already won the prestigious Italian Barista Award. Stefano now works in a bar on the outskirts of Bologna. In his opinion, a balanced espresso has a light brown color, very high acidity, and a pleasant bitterness.

The young talent will represent Italy at the international stage of the championship from October 18 to 22 in Milan. The competition will also feature the best baristas from the UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

Coffee festival in Milan
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