The creator of the famous La Marzocco espresso machines has died

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  • 27.03.2020

On March 22, Piero Bambi, the creator of two models of the iconic La Marzocco espresso machines, passed away. The son of one of the company’s founders died of cancer at the age of 86.

Colleagues have always noted his amazing vigor and involvement in the work process. Over the years, he remained loyal to the company’s philosophy, showed a passion for his work, and was proud of his achievements. Piero Bambi put a lot of effort to ensure that every cup of espresso prepared on the La Marzocco equipment was perfectly good.

La Marzocco was founded in Florence in 1927 by the artisan brothers Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi. To this day it remains a vivid example of a business that has been keeping pace with the times, surprising with its know-how and consistently high quality products.