The famous coffee maker has radically changed its appearance

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  • 30.09.2019

The Moka coffee maker, invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1931, has long become one of the most recognizable elements of coffee culture. Recently an ultramodern version has appeared on the sale. It is the question of whether it will be loved as much as the original.

According to the ideologist of the new Moka Pot, the famous British architect David Chipperfield sought to preserve the recognizable features of the famous coffee maker, but at the same time to make its appearance more modern. Like the original, the new version is made of cast aluminum. But the shape has become simpler – with a flat lid and a sleek metal handle.

For the first time, the coffee maker was presented by Alessi at the winter industry exhibition in Paris, and the official premiere took place in April at Milan Design Week.

Moka Pot from Chipperfield is available in three sizes – large (18 cm), medium, and small (11 cm). The price starts at 35 dollars for the one-cup version and reaches 55 dolars for the six-cup model.