The most expensive coffee in Italy

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  • 17.02.2017

Espresso for Italians is something sacred, and they are not likely to deny oneself such a pleasure. They can stop drinking it only outside the homeland at financial struggles. During the recent years of crisis, they had to do so. But in 2015 everything turned back: coffee consumption in Italian bars, restaurants and pizzerias increased by 1%. In the period from September 2015 to September 2016 the cost of coffee in public places increased only by 0,9%, when the food products prices increased by 1,1%.

Some citizens felt it spending to indulge their coffee passion, as the cost of coffee vary in different cities. According to the recent published research of the Italian federation of public services, the absolute record on espresso costliness pertain to Bologna. In the student town a portion of celestial brew stands on average in €1,08.

Turin (€1,04), took the second best, then comes Venice (€1,02), Florence (€1,01), Genoa (€1), Milan (€0,99) and Palermo (€0,92). The lowest price of espresso is in Naples and Rome – €0,86. Among Italian major cities, the cheapest coffee is served in Bari – €0,75.

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