Three magnificent italian desserts to your coffee

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  • 27.06.2018

Italian coffee must necessarily be supplemented with Italian dessert. This combination will allow you to feel what a real dolce vita is, at the minimum costs.

We will not talk about tiramisu and panna cotta – these are well-known far beyond Italy. We’ll better review more rare desserts, which are especially good with an invigorating drink.


Crispy wafer rolls with a most delicate filling were first cooked in Sicily. The filling can be mascarpone-, ricotta-, cottage cheese- or cream-based. We advise you to buy cannoli at the places where they fill the rolls in front of you and eat them just on the spot — until the dough became soft.

Pistocchi cake

The famous chocolate cake invented by florentine confectioner Claudio Pistocchi is made from six varieties of bitter chocolate, fresh cream and cocoa powder. You can taste this culinary masterpiece only in the Pistocchi’s confectionery shop — Torta Pistocchi. You can take the dessert away as well. Four months of storing in a refrigerator will not even slightly affect its taste.


Extremely soft to the palate and fragrant pastries made from classic yeast dough, impregnated with rum. Served with cream, fresh fruit or syrup.