History of the Brand

In 1592 Italian doctor and botanist Prospero Alpini that accompanied the Venetian embassy to Egypt, issued the treatise “Egyptian Medicine”, in which he described a coffee beverage that Arabs drink. Yet after several decades a nuncio Pietro della Valli that had been living in Persia for a long time, brought coffee beans to Italy and showed the way they cook it. There were nearly the first coffee beans in Europe, so for good reason Italy is considered to be the coffee capital of this part of the world. Several years later first coffee-house had been opened in Venice.

During the next two centuries coffee had been gaining popularity not only in Italy but in the whole Europe. And in 1901 a Milanese Luidgi Beccera patented the first steam coffee machine and learned to make a drink that we now call espresso. It became a revolution in coffee making.

Until now coffee still holds a very special place in life of Italians. Their passionate love to coffee made Italy a recognized leader in coffee making. As they say in Italy, good coffee is born on the streets of seaside towns, torrefied by the sun, accompanied by “Ciao!” of swarthy barista. Just there, on the Amalfi Coast, one of the most delicious and aromatic beverages in Italy was named Porto Rosso. It contains an imprint of Italian elegancy and breeziness, because that is the coffee they drink in Italy.

Porto Rosso coffee can rightly be considered one of the best creations of Italian coffee experts, the result of combination of Italian temperament and mastership.

Porto Rosso is the taste of sunny Italy!