Affogato – dolce vita recipe

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  • 15.03.2016

Specially for coffee people who have a thing for desserts, the Italians invented affogato. The principle of this delicacy’s preparation lies in the title – it translates from Italian as “drowned”. Glob of mouth-watering ice cream drowned in gorgeous espresso portion with bright hint of liqueur. It sounds very appetizing. Just give in to temptation and cook affogato right now. Just remember: it is served immediately after cooking for that the ice cream did not have time to melt.

Brew espresso from Porto Rosso Espresso, then pour into a cappuccino glass 30 ml of cream liqueur. Add 125 g of the natural vanilla ice cream and freshly brewed coffee. As additives for a brighter flavor perfectly suited cream, melted chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, fresh berries, cinnamon, milled biscuits and other spices and sweets, which will prompt your imagination.


And of course, do not forget dessert spoon. Have a wonderful-coffee meal!