Coffee in Italy without extra expenses

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  • 18.08.2016

Coming to Italy for the first time, a rare tourist is able to hold back emotions and keep cool among the surrounding splendor. It threatens extra expenditures, including for coffee, without which it’s impossible to imagine a holiday in the Apennines. And how to enjoy the excellent beverage fully without draining your wallet? Here are some helpful tricks.

Remember: line “Coperto” in menu means that you have to pay at least 1 EUR for table setting, which is simply waste of money if you buy just a cup of coffee. Line “Servizio” means a service charge, which can reach 15-20% of the bill total. Also, if you want to save reasonably, do not order coffee in the most popular tourist places, for example, in the city center.

Let your coffee drinking in Italy always be a pleasure!

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