Past, present and future of coffee at the international exhibition Expo-2015

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  • 05.08.2015

World Exhibition Expo-2015 is running at full tilt in Milan. One of the main characters of this major event under the theme “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life” obviously became coffee.

Individual pavilion is dedicated to the product which the Italians can not imagine a single day without. Being there, visitors are digged in to a warm atmosphere of coffee plantations in Africa and Central America surrounded by tropical forests, and get acquainted with the history and tradition of coffee-drinking, as well as with the stages of transformation of coffee beans into a beverage with rich taste and aroma. In addition, coffee is presented here as an element of culture and the arts. And fans of the museum rarities shall have chance to trace with interest for the evolution of Italian espresso machine: the exhibition shows some very interesting exhibits.

And what about the cupping? In the pavilion you can taste and buy coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador and other countries. And certainly you can enjoy the favorite coffee of many Italians – Porto Rosso.

Is coffee good for the liver?
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