Perfect Coffee: tips of Neapolitan barista

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  • 25.08.2015

Homeland of the best baristas – Southern Italy, meaning mysterious and wayward Naples, one of the culinary capitals of the country. Here the highest demands are specified to the quality of coffee.

If the taste, color and consistency of the beverage do not meet the strict criteria at least a hundredth, it sends to the scrap with no regrets. To achieve the impressive results native coffee-makers follow a few rules strictly. They are based on a temperature discipline. Cup ready for espresso must be heated in a container with not hot water but boiling one, as coffee cools down very quickly in a small pot. Milk for Cappuccino can not be heated above 65-70°C otherwise coffee will become scalding and it lose much in taste. And a creamy foam is checked as follows: pour sugar from a bag into the freshly prepared espresso. If it remains on the creamy foam for a couple of seconds, then everything is done correct.

However, the citizens of Naples are deeply convinced that the secret of their coffee lies in gorgeous water, and therefore to create such a masterpiece in any other city in the world is impossible. In short, there is a limit to perfection and it really well-known to Naples professionals.