The best coffee in Rome

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  • 24.11.2015

You can spend hours wandering around Rome, seeking for place to taste coffee, and you’ll not be able to make a choice. The variety of coffee bars in the Eternal City can knock you down literally. However, much easier to decide if you’ll to take into account the opinion of local residents. We offer you three places where you will find a great coffee.

Tazza D’Oro (Via degli Orfani, 84)

The interior of the famous Cafe, located near the Pantheon, very simple. Hear you drink coffee with no frills – just behind the bar, in keeping with the best Italian tradition. But under simple exterior here the immateriality is hidden, which generally attracts crowds of people. Magic of unique cozy atmosphere and exciting aroma of coffee beans that fry right before preparing the drinks.


Caffe del Chiostro del Bramante (Arco della Pace, 5 – piazza Navona)

Caught near Piazza Navona, feel free to go into the yard of the church Santa Maria della Pace. After all, when else do you get a chance to enjoy a coffee among the masterpieces of the Renaissance. Of particular note is the local specialty, coffee Bramante with chocolate and whipped cream.


Antico Caffe Greco (Via dei Condotti, 86)

One of the oldest coffee shops, not only in Rome, but also in Europe. Being opened during the second half of the 18th century, with the passing of years it has evolved into a place of worship. It is in this elegant setting, including velvet sofas, fine paintings, statues and mirrors Nikolai Gogol was creating his “Dead Souls”. And Franz Liszt, and Arthur Schopenhauer, and Frederic de Stendhal were here. But please note that enjoy an espresso in the walls that keep the memory of famous writers and composers, will cost considerably more expensive than in many other public places of the city.

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