Know when to stop: coffee standards, proven by centuries

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  • 24.11.2015

When it comes to preparing the classic espresso, the numbers become almost magical. Without knowing the exact data it is not possile to create a drink with a truly miraculous effect. Which of these parameters are fundamentally important?

The weight. The perfect cup of espresso requires 7 grams of coffee, no more and no less. It is tradition of the Italians who are legislators of coffee fashion. In their opinion, this is the only way to get the maximum enjoyment from coffee.

Time. Serving the coffee from machine should not take more than 30 seconds. For the first time you should follow this rule strongly and in future this skill comes to automatism.

The size of the cup. The taste of classic espresso unveiled better in a small cup, not more than 30 ml, with thick walls made of porcelain or glass.

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