Famous Italians about the famous beverage

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  • 13.10.2015

Сoffee from Italy occupies a special place among the favorite drinks of superstars. It was he who most inspires, excites the senses, gives energy, provides a taste of life and it lets them to be remelted into compelling stories and unforgettable characters.
Genius Al Pacino avows that he loves coffee infinitely. Actor can not imagine his morning without cup of espresso, and notes that scenarios that passed through his hands easily recognizable by the abundance of coffee stains.
And according to the brilliant Sophia Loren, coffee, brewed her own – the best love potion. “When a man tries it, he has not chance to escape,” – says the actress.

But the essence of the Italians relationship to the coffee can be considered with quote from works of the famous Neapolitan playwright, actor and director Eduardo De Filippo: “When I die, bring me coffee, and you will see that I will rise, like Lazarus”.

Rules of the coffee addict
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