Rules of the coffee addict

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  • 13.10.2015

If you do not want to be taken as tourist in Italy, drink coffee and keep in mind several simple rules, which locals followed since the dawn of time.

First, the Italians do not drink their favorite beverage while sitting, if there is no seriuos reason. Being impulsive and fussy persons, they run into a restaurant, ordered coffee and drink pretty quickly. Meanwhile they are succesfully enjoying the taste of it.

A cup of coffee in the Apennine peninsula has always served with a glass of water. However, it is doing not in order to fresh up after coffee as it may seem at first thought. As envisioned, you need to “cleanse” your mouth before making a sacred ritual, as coffee drinking in Italy is.

Anyway, from coffee heaven you have to come down to earth. Just take your time with it: a drink made to pay after you’ve drunk it. The exception is unless the airports, railway stations and other places with a large influx of visitors.

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