House for the price of a сup of coffee

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  • 15.05.2019

Do you think that your own house in Italy is a vain dream? Pay attention to Apulia and Sicily – here you can make such a purchase for the price of an espresso cup.

The reason is simple: the Italian authorities are trying to restore half-abandoned towns and villages where the population rapidly declines.

Village of Sambuca, Sicily

Most of the local houses are in dilapidation. And if you are going to live here, then be ready to renovate a house with an area of 40 to 150 square meters within three years. You will have to spend at least 15,000 euros for the repair, and even leave a deposit of 5,000 euros to the state. It will be returned at the end of the repair.

City of Candela, Apulia

Since 1990, the population of the city has declined by more than three times. This predictably led to an economic downturn and a significant increase in unemployment. Therefore, Candela will welcome you with open arms, but only if you have an annual income of at least 7,500 euros. If you move alone, you will get 800 euros, and if you move as a family, then you will get 2000 euros.