Ancient cafes of Milan

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  • 21.03.2018

Milan is one of those cities that require a special consideration.  It may seem cold and haughty, completely devoid of hospitality.  But this is just a first impression.  Taking a closer look, you can understand that to open its soul to anyone is against its principles. Take the first step towards the impregnable Milan – take a walk through its ancient cafes. 

Jamaica (Via Brera 32)

A cozy “artist’s café” in Brera, not far from the Academy of Fine Arts, has been run by one family for three generations. One of its first regular guests was the future fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, who was an editor-in-chief of the newspaper The People of Italy (Il Popolo d’Italia) in those years. One day he left without paying, and thus opened a list of the famous debtors of the cafe.

Cova (Via Monte Napoleone 8)

Being opened next to La Scala Theater, this coffee and pastry shop quickly became the center of attraction of the Milanese beau monde. However, there were not only balls and entertainment parties – in 1848, it was here that activists discussed the future rebellion against Austria. Today Cova is still very popular. After all, everyone want to even get a glimpse of the very place where Garibaldi, Hemingway and other famous personalities enjoyed a cup of excellent coffee.

Bar Motta (Via Ugo Foscolo-Piazza Duomo)

A classic Italian bar with a rich history. Milanese of completely different social groups have been flowing down here for about a hundred years. During the economic growth in Italy in the1950’s, Motta became an inevitable place for visit for the weekend program of local residents. This is all thanks to the magnificent desserts. It is worth visiting it even for the sake of the atmosphere, which is created by a retro interior.And of course, for the sake of an excellent coffee.