Another useful feature coffee

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  • 29.04.2016

Being true connoisseurs of coffee, Neapolitans are ready to extol it to the skies, over the years, attributing more and more valuable properties to the drink. And of course, they are especially glad the recent opening of their countrymen, scientists from the University of Naples. As a result of experiments, experts have found that coffee protects against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This disease is a result of fat accumulation by liver cells and it can lead to cirrhosis.

The experiments were conducted on mice: daily rodents were fed with a high-fat diet and a dose of coffee, the equivalent of six cups of espresso for a man with a weight of 70 kg. It was found that with such diet they gain less weight than in case absence of caffeine in a menu. Also, the regular use of coffee has a positive effect on key indicators related to NAFLD.

The thing is that caffeine increases the level of zonulin protein, which reduces intestinal permeability. Thus, the gut better filters out harmful substances, which being released into the bloodstream contribute to the destruction of the liver.

And every now and again, savoring a cup of morning coffee sip by sip, you can with pleasure think that you take care of your health right now.