Let’s cook refreshing dessert on the basis of espresso

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  • 28.04.2016

Availability of free time and a freshly brewed espresso of highest standard – quite sufficient reason to prepare the coffee Granita. The reason of appearance of this refreshing dessert was influenced by the sultry climate of Sicily.

Even in ancient times, especially while hot days Sicilians were getting ice from the cellar, which was brought ahead of time from the top of Etna, and mixed it with rose water, fruit syrups and spices. Today, in the Sicilian street bars you can find a great variety of kinds of Granita, and coffee Granita is considered as one of the most famous.

For its preparation the first thing – cook 5 servings of ristretto from Porto Rosso Ristretto capsules and add to it half a tablespoon of brown sugar. Stir, pour into a plastic form and place in the freezer for 4 hours. Then whisk with blender 75 ml of double cream until thick, add a quarter teaspoon of sugar powder and whisk till magnificent mass. Again with the help of a blender grind the frozen coffee mixture and place it into chilled glasses or ice-cream bowls. Before serving, garnish with whipped cream.