Italians against coffee “from the mafia”

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  • 04.04.2016

Subject of mafia is one of those things which are inevitably associated with Italy. And it does not bother anyone except the Italians themselves who actively complain whenever they find the one more item with the “mafia” name on the shelves. The inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula are very sad about that one of the symbols of the country connect with the organized crime. Not so long ago, their anger fell on Bulgarian coffee Mafiozzo, which appeared in the Italian cafes.

According to the farmers’ association Coldrietti, such products – a double strike for Italy, as their presence adversely affects the reputation not only of the Italian food producers, but also the country in the world. Association requires to prohibit the import of any product, in the title of which there is an allusion to the mafia. The initiative was supported by the Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando and Agriculture Minister Maurizio Martina.

As notes the co-owner of a Bulgarian company producing Mafiozzo, it exports this coffee for six years and has received a patent for the brand three years ago.