Coffee as a source of inspiration

Coffee as a source of inspiration

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  • 29.12.2015

Coffee is like a catalyst for the expressive nature of the Italians. The multi-faceted taste and almost magical flavor stimulate the imagination and allow you to see the beauty in the prosiness. For example, for the 27-year-old Italian artist Julia Bernardelli coffee is like a brush and paint, through which images on the canvas become bright and beautiful and come to life.

In preparation for the creation of such a painting the spontaneity is very important. “I never plan my work in advance. For example, when I’m drinking coffee, thinking about those storylines that could be created if it had been spilled on the table. At breakfast I think about what kind of traces should be left by a cat if it got into a jam, ” – says Bernardelli about his creative method.

Her works made as if by accident say that beauty is a transient phenomenon and surprisingly fragile, breakable by only one careless movement. And they remind to us that everyone is able to create a small miracle, but it is not given to everyone to see. And indeed, miracle often lies in something very simple.

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