Coffee is more effective than analgesics

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  • 28.03.2018

According to the study conducted by American scientists, coffee helps with chronic pains better than analgesics do.  However, there is a nuance: the caffeine has a short-time effect, only 25-30 minutes. 

The experiments were carried out on mice. Given the increasing sensitivity to pain in chronic lack of sleep, the researchers deprived the experimental animals of sleep, forcing them to actively move. The animals were then tested for sensitivity to pain and the effect of several analgesics, such as caffeine, ibuprofen, morphine and modafinil, was evaluated.

It turned out that ibuprofen does not suppress hypersensitivity to pain, and morphine is ineffective.  Caffeine and modafinil showed the best analgesic effect.

Data of similar research appeared in BMC Research Notes.  People who suffer from neck pain and drink coffee confirmed that this drink really eases their painful condition.

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