Every time of a day has its own drink. In the morning Italians prefer latte macchiato or capuchino. For Italians these milk beverages are associated with the beginning of a day.

After a dinner – espresso or caffè macchiato.
In the evening after a supper – deca, decaffeinated coffee. In a daytime, as a rule, each self-respecting Italian enters a bar a couple of times choosing between espresso, ristretto, mocaccino (coffee with cacao powder and milk foam), corretto (coffee with grappa, whisky, liquor), caffe d’orzo (barley beverage especially popular among children), granita di caffè with whipped topping, romano (espresso with lemon juice) or glacé (iced coffee with italian gelato – ice-cream).

But the most popular drink is espresso. “Un caffe, per favore!” – and you will get a dense beverage with a creamy cover in small porcelain cup for a couple of draughts.