Where coffee masters degree do?

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  • 09.02.2018

Whoever wish to become experts or coffee barista he has two ways. Either immediately start working to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the process, or to enroll in the University of Coffee in the Italian city of Trieste, which prepares these professionals.

Institution has existed since 1999 and offers courses for interested amateurs and for experienced specialists of the coffee industry. Training programs based on best practices, detailed coverage of all aspects of growing, harvesting, storage, preparation, sale and promotion of coffee. Tastings are held in their original formats. This mini-courses and themed dinners, during which participants will learn a lot about the taste of the coffee and learn to evaluate them. Rarely where you can still try a number of varieties of excellent coffee under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Università del Caffè has a great reputation – many companies sent here even highly qualified employees to study. His branches are located in many countries, including Germany, France, Brazil, India, South Korea and Egypt. In each country there is a training in accordance with the specifics of the local coffee market, but at the same time allows you to get the relevant data and a complete understanding of the global coffee industry.