With what drinks coffee in Italy

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  • 05.11.2015

Everyone probably already knows what kind of coffee Italians prefer and what time of day they prefer to drink it. But what is traditionally added to the refreshing drinks in different regions of the country – is known mostly by only an avid traveler. If you are going to travel all over Italy and back, so tie a knot in handkerchief. East Coast, namely the Marches region, offers to taste coffee with anisette, and in the north, for example, in Trentino, like to offer you to add whipped cream, cinnamon and chocolate. The southern part of the country keeps most savory recipes. Sicilians like Arabic style coffee: with cloves, cinnamon and cocoa powder. And in Naples every now and again drink coffee with whipped cream with walnuts. As for Amalfi Coast Italians – they set a little value on additives. The main thing is that the coffee should be of high quality. Like Porto Rosso for example.