Without waste. How to use coffee grounds

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  • 17.08.2017

Just imagine how many cups of coffee you drink every year. The number is impressive. And how many coffee grounds do you throw away with garbage? Too many. However, these are valuable organic raw materials, which can bring you many benefits in the household use. Here are just a few ways that you can use and which you probably haven’t even thought of.

Dishwashing liquid

The coarse structure of the coffee grounds allows easy cleaning of dried up dirt and leftovers. Try it next time instead of baking soda or household detergents.

Face and body scrub

Mix the coffee grounds with a little olive oil and get the natural scrub. You can get a uniform tanning after using this product.


The coffee grounds are a good fertilizer for fruit trees and flowers, because coffee scares pests and increases soil acidity.

Deodorant for hands and fridge

Coffee may be used as a deodorant thanks to its persistent aroma. If you rub your hands with wet coffee grounds after cutting onions or garlic, the acrid odor will disappear. You can pour the dried grounds in a glass jar and put it in the fridge to get rid of bad odors.

Anti-slip product

Put the spent coffee grounds on the ice-covered pavement instead of using environmentally harmful reagents. The anti-slip effect and accelerated snow melting are guaranteed.