A glass of water and coffee are not always together

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  • 27.02.2020

When ordering a cup of coffee in Italy, you will not always get a glass of water, even in very hot weather. The explanation is simple: water is considered a necessary accompaniment to coffee only in some cases.

The type and taste of the drink are important. Strong coffee without milk, for example, espresso, requires a glass of water. The tradition was developed at a time when most coffee bars were located in small private factories, where coffee beans were being roasted and ground. Barista offered customers to taste the coffee mixes. It is impossible to feel the taste and aroma of each of them in its entirety without periodically wetting the oral cavity with water.

And of course, remember that drinking water immediately after the coffee is a guarantee of the barista’s disapproving look. The taste of the divine drink should remain in your mouth as long as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point of drinking it at all? This is how the Italians think.