Coffee does not invigorate those who sleep little

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  • 22.12.2016

For an Italian to love and take care of itself is quite natural. After all, if you do not rest and sleep regularly, no coffee will save. A recent research made by British scientists confirmed that low-quality sleep negates the effect of caffeine. It is enough to sleep 5 hours or less per day for three days to stop feeling invigorate from coffee.

During the experiment, the state of 48 healthy people, who did not sleep more than 5 hours per night for 5 days, was analyzed. Each of them received either 200 mg of caffeine or placebo twice a day. As a result of cognitive tests, it has been found that after three nights of sleep restriction coffee ceased to have a positive effect on alertness and performance.

Maybe, is it worth listening to the inhabitants of the Apennines and start indulging yourself with high-quality sleep?

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