Coffee maker of geyser type: the subtleties of use

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  • 09.02.2016

Moka coffee makers, patented in Italy in 1933 has a huge number of fans all over the world. Amazingly easy to use, it provides the thick coffee with a rich taste that leaves a lasting impression. But such a result is possible only if you comply with the key principles of its use.

Let’s start with the fact that into the base of the coffee maker must be poured with warm rather than cold water with aim coffee is not purchased excess bitterness.

Coffee powder should be larger than for the espresso machine, but not quite too fine – otherwise the water will not pass through the filter. Identify the appropriate grinding, as usual, will the method of trial and error.

Readiness coffee Moka declares itself – you will hear a sound like a snort. After removing the coffee maker from the heat place its base under cold water immediately and do not let the coffee to be re-extracted.

Equally important is the proper care of the unit. When you have finished making coffee, be sure to clean the filter and rinse all parts of Moka.