How to make your coffee low-cal

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  • 18.10.2017

Your everyday cup of cappuccino, latte, or ice-coffee may be not so harmless for your shape. However, there are simple ways to make it a little less caloric. They will be useful when you make a fasting day or in case of a need to keep a certain diet.

Refuse syrup

If today you have already reached your limit for sweet stuff, do not add syrup to coffee. However, it can be replaced with spices, and they are low-calorie.

Choose low-fat milk

Coffee with 2% fat milk is a very tasty drink, no worse than “regular” coffee. Just try it!

Add some ice

When the weather permits, ask to add some ice into your coffee instead of milk. Such drink is more invigorating, without adding extra calories to your diet.

Order a smaller portion

If today you don’t have enough willpower to refuse your regular coffee, just take a smaller portion. Sometimes it is better to make an agreement with your body, so that you do not want to compensate for the lack of a favourite drink with a sweet bun.