Italian breakfast: the way not to stay hungry

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  • 31.01.2019

A breakfast in Italian style can hardly be called hearty. A couple of a croissant and a cup of coffee, even the most delicious one, is unlikely to be able to boost energy for quite half of a day. How not to stay hungry in a situation like this?

As for breakfast at the hotel, you can safely refuse it. In most cases, it will consist of coffee, juice and croissants, and in the coffee machine, only dry milk can easily be found. You better go outside: bars are open from 5 a.m. and there are much more breakfast options offered there. The main thing is to master the menu in advance in order to make the right choice and not to get hungry again after a couple of hours.

The ideal solution would be a ‘cornetto con prosciutto e formaggio’ (hot croissant with ham and cheese), ‘pizzetta’ (mini pizza) or ‘piadina’ (flatbread with stuffing). To finish the meal, you can try ‘sfogliatella’ (small crispy puff pastry cakes with sweet filling), ‘ciambella’ (sweet bread rolls) or ‘cannolo ciocolatto’ (chocolate tubes). ‘Giruvetta’ (volute-shaped croissant with raisins) and ‘bombolone’ (deep-fried sweet bun) can be left for a snack. If you don’t want coffee, then order Orzo, a caffeine-free barley drink. Bon Italian appetit!

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