Pausa Caffe Festival: welcome to paradise for coffee gourmets

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  • 30.05.2016

You can’t imagine your life without great Italian coffee, can you? So, visiting Florence at the beginning of summer will be devil luck for you. On June 7 to 9 Pausa Caffè Festival will be held there for the fifth time. Three venues for the event have been announced, they are Republic Square, and cafes Caffetteria delle Oblate and Ditta Artigianale. As always, on the first venue there will be a huge booth with a long counter where highly skilled baristas, winners of prestigious contests, will be inviting to taste coffee from around the world, brewed by different methods. It will be also possible to learn a lot of valuable information about the beverage.

Traditionally, the program includes contest of bartenders, tasters, and decorators, tours of historic Florence coffee shops, workshops, presentations, discussions and meetings. All these very interesting activities will be attended by worldwide recognized industry specialists. Perhaps, this is a rare chance to see coffee culture from a completely new point of view. And, of course, you should better take advantage of it.

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