Roast coffee at home

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  • 07.11.2016

It is not obligatory to have professional equipment to enjoy coffee, brewed from freshly roasted beans. To master the useful skill, it is enough to have a convection oven, hair dryer, and patience. We offer you to follow the procedure.

Preheat the oven in convection mode to 160 degrees, spread coffee on a baking tray in a thin layer and place it in the oven under the fan. After 5 minutes set the temperature to maximum level. Watch the condition of beans carefully for 5-7 minutes more. Be careful not to burn them. Once you took the beans out of the oven, immediately put them in a colander and cool with a hair dryer in cold blowing mode.

Coffee beans can also be roasted on a cast iron pan with constant stirring. However, in this case you will need more patience since it is pretty difficult to snatch that very moment when it is time to remove them from the heat. And optimal results will require a lot of attempts.

Coffee fondue
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