Coffee trend: Espresso tonic

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  • 22.11.2017

I don’t think Italian people become enthusiastic over the idea of getting nice fresh espresso with tonic. However, this recipe is becoming more and more popular among coffee addicts. Espresso tonic has become a trend thanks to the Scandinavians who brought the beverage from Stockholm. It wasn’t enough for the serious northerners to have just coffee and soda. They decided to add some syrup and lemons, and decorate it with rosemary and orange zest.

Do you still want to make some “fancy” coffee? Here is a very easy recipe. Make double espresso of two capsules of Porto Rosso Espresso and cool it down. Put a little ice in a glass, squeeze lemon or lime juice, pour 150 ml of tonic and gently add coffee. Drink it through a cocktail straw and imagine yourselves in a Swedish town.