Preparing to the birthday of instant coffee

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  • 26.03.2015

The 1 of April isn’t only April fool’s day and Bird’s day. On the 1 of April 1938 in Switzerland took place the first public presentation of the instant coffee: the chemist Max Morgenthaller presented his discovery, on which he had worked for 7 years.

For 7 years scientists tried to create a “coffee cube”, which could preserve all the properties of coffee beans and bear a long storage, and after an addition of water should transform into beverage. They experimented on Brazilian coffee, the overabundance of which made the Brazilian government anxious – hundreds of tons of green coffee perished in vain. The technology of Max became a redemption for them, because people simply couldn’t drink up so much.

The speed of the rhytm of life increased, and Europeans and Americans took this innovation with great enthusiasm, though the technology leaved much to be desired.

We took into account the faults and the experience of their predecessors. In Porto Rosso Original and Porto Rosso Gold remain vitamins and trace elements of the natural coffee blends as well as their taste and aroma. Let us celebrate the 1 of april with a cup of excellent coffee Porto Rosso!

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