Tiramisu – dessert with coffee heart

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  • 24.04.2017

One of the most famous Italian desserts is unthinkable without a good espresso. The canonical recipe for tiramisu does not exist; there are only three mandatory ingredients: freshly brewed coffee, mascarpone cheese, and savoiardi biscuits. In other aspects the pastry-cook has a complete freedom. Check which flavour combination you like best.

To prepare 6 servings of tiramisu, you need an espresso brewed from 6 capsules of Porto Rosso Espresso and cooled to room temperature, 6 eggs, 500 g of mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuits (18 pieces), 7 tablespoons of powdered sugar, and grated bitter chocolate for decoration.

Whisk the mascarpone with a spatula to the consistency of thick sour cream, and whites with a pinch of salt till frothed. In another bowl whisk the yolks with sugar powder and gradually add to mascarpone, whisking all together with a whisk. Spoon by spoon, carefully mix the whites into the resulting mixture.

Mix the espresso with 3 tablespoons of dark rum in a wide bowl. Gently soak the biscuits in this cocktail. Take small glasses and in each of them put a table spoon of a mix of a cream with mascarpone and one biscuit broken down on two parts. Cover with cream, put another biscuit and repeat. Sprinkle with grated chocolate and leave the dessert in the fridge overnight. Your morning will be truly Italian!