We brew coffee in a Moka Pot in nature

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  • 25.03.2020

The geyser coffee maker is also very convenient because it can be taken anywhere. The coffee will be great, even if you make it in the forest. Of course, if you take into account some nuances.

In nature, it is better to take a metal unpainted Moka Pot without drawings. This coffee maker is not afraid of an open fire.

The fire should not be strong. You can make excellent coffee even on embers.

Don’t forget: fine-ground coffee “For cezve” is not suitable. Give preference to grinding for a geyser coffee maker, where the focus is on coarse sea salt.

Pour water exactly up to the steam valve. And let it be warm, just like when making coffee at home.

As soon as the Moka Pot rumbles, immediately remove it from the fire, so as not to spoil the taste and aroma of coffee. To avoid damage, do not place the coffee maker with a plastic handle to the fire.